Customised Workshops

BLD customised workshops are now available for professionals, businesses and companies.

We work with individual client to design the customised workshop with most updated and advanced models that satisfies their needs and offers the greater chance for them to succeed in the marketplace.

Workshop topics covers below:

Strategy planning and implementation

Financial Modelling

Change Management

Digital Marketing

Our experienced consultants not only shares the most valuable techniques and models but also guide our individual client to develop the plan.

Additional services for reviewing and auditing the plan are also available with the workshop.

Not only BLD Consulting assists our clients in developing successful plans with advanced strategies. More importantly, we believe in the importance of implementation, review, measurement and adjustment.

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How BLD Consulting can assist you:

We spend time to understand your inquiry, current situation and the result you would like to achieve.

Then, we will tailor the workshop with most advanced models and industry information to help you succeed and see the bigger picture.

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Strategy Development

The Challenge

Industries are now facing greater challenges and disruptive technologies are changing the face of competition. Will your company still be the forerunner in the industry? Or will your organisation be acquired by a newer progressive agile company? Most organisations lack the capability and the right strategies to compete in the new economy.


BLD Consulting use the latest frameworks and models to create customised strategies to assist our clients to manage new competition and create competitive advantage over your competitors.

  • With over 20 years of specialised experiences and skills across various industries and international businesses.
  • Business strategies customised for your industry
  • Trusted business analytic methodology

Marketing Strategy

The Challenge

Rapid changing consumer marketplace and transformational innovation have forever changed how companies are using their well tested marketing strategy. In today’s marketing space organisations need to be more strategic with their marketing to compete successfully with competitors within its own industry.


BLD Consulting use digital platforms to gather and analyse information to develop customer insights for our clients. BLD Consulting develop growth initiatives to create value proposition and align strategic resource allocation to assist our clients to deliver higher Return on Investment

  • Customised Value propositions to attract new consumers
  • Strategic resource allocation to the higher return area
  • Trusted business analytics methodology

Financial Management

The Challenge

Developing accurate financial models for your project, business case and sales projection in the current challenging economic conditions can be difficult.

Translating business ideas from conception into a concrete financial model can be the hardest part of getting a new product idea or business off the ground.


BLD Consulting develops financial models to translate a complicated pricing structure so organisations can identify the best return on investment. BLD Consulting create a business case which calculates the expected number of customers’ take-up rates metric based on demographic information via your digital data.

  • Dynamic financial modelling to provide accurate results for our clients
  • Financial frameworks for evaluate business cases and sales projections
  • Latest Industry concept to identify and analyse Return On Investments
  • With over 20 years of specialised experience and skills across various industries and international businesses

Data Analytics

The Challenge

The cost of data analytics and methodology have changed dramatically. Unless you have the resources allocated to data analytics you are falling behind your competitors in extracting valuable consumer data from your interaction with your customers.


BLD Consulting use the latest digital analytic technology and methodology to analyse your existing digital data. BLD Consulting provide solutions to your digital analytic needs by offering customised support and technology to assist and win back your market share.

  • Well tested methodology for extracting digital data
  • Lower cost of data analytic with dealing with BLD consulting
  • All solutions are customised and a team of dedicated data scientists and consultants to support your organisation.

Nathaniel is the CEO for BLD Consulting and leads ten experienced consultants to provide services to clients and offer solutions to their needs.

Nathaniel has been an entrepreneur most of his life, and has started numerous businesses over the last 20 years. These span a diverse range from Retail, IT, financial service (Fund Management and Mortgage Lending), E-Commerce, professional services business, consulting, training & development. Prior to starting BLD Consulting, Nathaniel was lecturing at Swinburne University for the Graduate Applied business program and the TAFE division for the Advance Diploma of Accounting, International business, marketing and business.

Previously, Nathaniel was the managing director for Solomon King Capital and his role was to manage investment portfolios and conduct quantitative analysis for high net worth individuals.

He excels in propelling companies to the next level – ultimately hoisting revenue and operating margins by unearthing untapped opportunities, identifying high-potential new markets, and masterminding marketing strategy execution.

He possesses significant exposure to Asia Pacific and European markets, B2B and B2C marketing, and e-commerce and physical trading environments. He has demonstrated versatility to quickly transition and flourish across different industry verticals such as consumer products, retail, investment, and education. His background combines commercial acumen with expertise in identifying procedural and operational deficiencies, establishing programs, and instituting changes to provide dramatic growth streams for start-ups and new business ventures.

Nathaniel has particular expertise in developing product strategy for start-up, financial modelling, statistical analysis, customer strategy, strategy development, marketing research, customer insight, relationship management and database analysis.

Nathaniel can be contacted at

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