8 Marketing Trends to Watch in 2018 by Nathaniel Lee

The trend continues with marketers focusing heavily on digital marketing via social media, voice and organic search. Data analytic will be big in 2018.

BLD consulting identifies there are 8 marketing trends to watch for in 2018 and will make a significant impact on your marketing strategy. So, keep an eye on these eight marketing trends.

  1. AI live chat

Digital Marketers are embracing Artificial-intelligence powered live chat tools to communicate with their customers and the trend will be continue to grow with more businesses transforming from traditional marketing to digital landscape. AI live chat will be the best way to service website visitors and assisting with their needs.

  1. Account based marketing

The whole focus on account-based marketing (ABM) is to provide content tailored to specific accounts. Adobe Experience manager platforms assist marketers to recommend specific content to account based marketing. All the digital marketing is customized to the special need of the accounts.

  1. Quantitative-based marketing

Quantitative based marketing is getting trendy in the marketing space in 2017.

BLD Consulting predicts 2018 will see a rise to quantitative-based marketing. Organisations are spending big on building data analytic competences and capability to work with marketers to refocus their marketing strategy. Universities across Australia are focusing training data scientist for the new digital age.

  1. Augmented-reality marketing

As these new Augmented-reality devices becoming cheaper to acquire, organisations will begin experimenting with AR-sponsored and -branded content. BLD Consulting predicts Augmented-reality will be a new trend for marketing your good and service in 2018.

  1. Voice-optimized content.

During 2016 Google reported that a 20 percent rise in voice search via the online searches. By, 2020, that number is expected to increase to 50 percent. Just as marketers have optimized content for web 2.0 and mobile, they will start optimizing content for voice search as well.

With improved voice recognition software voice search is becoming easier option to simple web search. At BLD consulting, we are assisting our clients to optimize their voice content search to secure their number one spot in the voice search engine.

  1. Privacy protection becomes a major selling point

During 2017 there are a number of high profile data breach. From email hack to cyber-attacks from international companies. Cyber Security and privacy protection will be a big selling point for you online business. Make it your biggest selling point for 2018 with additional cyber security

  1. Instagram marketing

In September 2017, Instagram announced that approximately 800 million people are using the platform each month. Their latest tool, Instagram Stories, is more popular than Snapchat within one year after going live.

Instagram provides better engagement than any other social media platforms, and allow organisations to have great advertising controls for your brand management. At BLD Consulting, we predict that Instagram will be the go to channel for organisations wanting to expanding their social media marketing and we believe Instagram will surpass the one billion people usage per month in 2018.

  1. Live events.

Live events will be one of key marketing trends for 2018. Return on Investment for live events yield the highest return on investment and the most effective marketing channel you can use in 2018.

What better ways to bring existing customers, prospective customers and the press together under one roof to launch your goods and service. The goodwill and press along will be generating buzz and excitement for the next events. Live events coupled with social media will help your company to be the talk of the town.


As always, there will be many marketing surprises in 2018. Some of these predictions will come to fruition. Based on the current trends, the 8 key marketing trends will be something to watch for 2018.

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